About us

About Us

We are in the business of Industrial Chemicals since 2017 & Metals since 2006.

We derive our strength from our reach to various suppliers, hence better information flow to our customers.

Each team member is highly qualified and experienced in their fields, hence better service to our customers.

Continuous improvement of our systems & processes is a focused area to our working.




Stainless Steel we are distributing for various mills from India, China, Indonesia, EU & USA.

Since 2020 we are distributing other ferrous alloys such as Mild Steel & Electric Steel products as well.

Sectors that we serve are Automotive, Industrial Kitchen, Textile Machinery, Elevator, Aerospace, Petrochemical Facilities, Construction Equipment, Pipelines, Infrastructure Projects (Metro-Airport- Bridges), Steel Construction (Factories, Stadiums, Shipyards), Power Plants, Transformer, Electric Motor.

Products are in the Flats (CR/HR/Quarto Plates), Long such as Wires, Bars, Pipes & Tubes.



Since 2017, we are distributing industrial raw chemicals, from China, India & Asia Pacific.

We are serving the following industries: Agricultural, Cosmetics, Detergents, Food, Paints, Countruction, Textiles, Leather & Water Treatment.